Cool! Good to hear! I've been informed that we should make it more convenient to find the information needed to make a donation to TLD. In the past, I thought the info in the FAQ and/or Servers thread was sufficient, but I guess I was mistaken, so I decided to go ahead and make this page for people to more easily find the info.

Before you ask, there is not currently any hard-set "goal" that we need to reach, especially since the donations we're hoping to get right now are proactive for doing things like:

  • Getting new plugins and/or features developed for TLD
  • Fixing bugs in our existing plugins, most especially for public ones where the developer has stopped doing updates. A good example of this would be fixing up gScramble, which has some serious bugs in it that the author seems to have no intention of fixing
  • Possibly starting and/or maintaining more gameservers. Since we own our hardware and colocate, this would mostly be in the form of hardware upgrades to allow us to run more servers at once
  • Fixing stuff when, as those of you who have been around TLD a while know, hardware breaks.

Either way, anything you can give is appreciated so that I'm not paying out of pocket to get it done. I will likely expand this and refined it later, but right now my aim is just to get this page up and available.

  • You can send your donation through PayPal either directly to jeffsugar AT gmail DOT com or by using one of the fancy buttons below:
    Make a Donation:
    Donate Monthly via Subscription:
  • You can send a check or money order or cash to my address, if that floats your boat. Just ask me for it privately.
  • Some other way I haven't thought of?
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