Although my guess is that everybody who is likely to check this page from here on out is probably already aware of the situation, I figured it was better to post some sort of explanation and update on the situation with regard to the servers and forum. Basically, it just doesn't make sense to continue hosting the TF2 server itself anymore, and hasn't for a while. As a result, it will be shut down soon, if it hasn't been already by the time you read this.

I left the forums open for quite a while, but they got to the point where there was more spam than anything else. I do remain in contact with an array of people from our community, especially via Steam & the (still open) IRC channel. That said, should there ever be demand for the forums to open again, I am in no way against that, but it didn't make sense to continue maintenance when it was not being used.

A few of the general reasons were:
  • Changes to TF2 by Valve, as well as its overall community over the years, especially with regard to QuickPlay and it becoming increasingly difficult to find people interested in playing custom maps
  • Changes in the tastes and availability of the people that really fueled the server's positive environment, and, lastly,
  • An inability to find someone to take things over that was both willing & technically inclined enough to do so when it became clear that I couldn't dedicate the amount of time and effort that I once did

I do apologize for not posting something up sooner. I won't bother going into details here, but I was not in a particularly good position to do so. Who knows, maybe another game will come along that we can host which has a similar style and feel to TF2. But, with the way things are fractured on the net nowadays, whether with regard to games, news, or even chat applications, I don't think it's incredibly likely.


P.S. IRC is still up, and occasionally active. If you're interested, you can click here to join #tld on (Port +7001 for SSL)